Buying taobao cargo and online shop cargo send to Malaysia from China

purchasing parcel or small commodities from China online shop such as alibaba and sending air freight to Malaysia use dedicated airline freight is most economy

DJcargo dedicated courier express

We collect parcel or small goods in china then palletized cargo together, send to through civil aviation airline CA,MY,CM.. airline direct from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shantou, Beijing…and other international airport in China to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, KK, Kuching, Sarawak airports. then take place local customs declaration its palletized cargo, distinguish goods to relevant consignee and deliver to.

The price quote below 

Frist 0.5 kg  —— 45 RMB

Second 0.5 kg —— 15 RMB

more than 11 kg ——  25 RMB per 1 kg

more than 30 kg ——  24 RMB per 1 kg

more than 50 kg ——  22 RMB per 1 kg

more than 100 kg ——  20 RMB per 1 kg

more than 300 kg ——  18 RMB per 1 kg

Courier express documentaries still needed, the formalities handle by us for both customs China and Malaysia, in the form of declare real goods value and quantities.

General cargo are welcome to shipping via our courier service, any dangerous and forbidden cargo not allowed to shipping. customer must get advice from us before send goods out is most security way.

Normally length limited 1 meter, single package weight limited 40 kg that a man’s hand could lifting. there would generate an extra cost if the limitation exceeded.

volumetric weight count method by ( length cm x width cm x height cm ) / 6000 = ?. some other countries the exponential rate is 5000. for example if a carton length is 50 cm, width is 60 cm and heigh is 50 cm. the total volumetric weight is 25 kg.