China devoted logistics to West Malaysia

DJcargo has service available for FCL entire container sea shipping, LCL consolidation sea shipping, Air cargo and courier express service from China to whole territory in West Malaysia

FCL sea shipping China to West Malaysia

FCL entire container ship to West Malaysia from China

DJcargo is able to arrange container shipping to West Malaysia from China all coast cities, Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Shantou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou.

To destination majority ports in West Malaysia, Tumpat, Kota Bharu, Keith port, Kemaman port, Kuantan port, Mersing, Johor port, Tanjun ppelepas, Muar, Malacca port, Sungai dang,  Port Dickson, Port Klang, Teluk Intan, Lumut Port, Penang Port, Teluk Ewa Jetty

The terms of shipping the full container we provide not only CIF, FOB, but also DDU and DDP, and  most competitive advantage of service is DDU/DDP

west Malaysia prots

How to start shipping a FCL container

Firstly, customers should have known your need, to know what mode of shipping is better for the shipment, DJcargo always provides a solution to customers' shipment, not merely quotation. make customers fully counseled before conducting the shipment is the pattern we do business

To start shipping a FCL entire container, we should know some factors from customer. as follows

*. Where is the cargo located in China

*. When does the shipment ready

*. How many cargo, weight, or cubic meters, dimension..

*. What is cargo name or its function

*. Cargo packing list

*. Consignee address in West Malaysia

These are the basic information we need from customers to make quotation more accurate, a casual quotation can making customer to do the budget, but it doesn't work when the date shipment ready, because the sea freight always keep floating every weekday



How many Vessel ship container to West Malaysia

Many vessel companies ship containers from any main port in China to West Malaysia,  many vessel can be booked a container to West Malaysia, The majority carrier we often use as follows


WANHAI shipping line


IAL shipping line




PIL shipping line



LCL sea shipping China to West Malaysia

From where we start shipping LCL cargo

DJcargo has a warehouse in Guangzhou to do consolidation, you can buy goods and letting shipper send to us, we combine all your cargo and make it consolidated into a container shipping to West Malaysia Port of Klang.  so LCL shipping with DJcargo is originally from its Guangzhou warehouse to consignee door in West Malaysia.


DJcargo warehouse

West Malaysia

LCL cargo West Malaysia delivery

LCL container shipping to port of Klang and have it customs declared, then haulage truck to Kuala Lumpur warehouse for devanning (BHD, lot 1863A, Jalan Kpb6 Kawashan Perindustrian Balakong Serikembangan 43300 Selangor

For Kaula Lumpur city, Putrajaya cities, we make delivery within 1 days, Johor Bahur, Pulau Pinang, Ipoh district we make delivery within 2 days

Kelantan, Kedah, Perlis, Terengganu, Pahang, Perlis, Melaka we arrange delivery within 3 days. 

LCL shipping DDU/DDP to West Malaysia schedule

LCL consolidation sea shipping to West Malaysia by DDU/DDP DJcargo handle cargo shipping everyday, From Monday to Saturday

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
(①Cargo)ready ship out Weekend
(②Cargo)ready ship out
(③Cargo)ready ship out
(④Cargo)ready ship out
(⑤Cargo)ready ship out
(⑥Cargo)ready ship out
above describes that the goods arrive to our warehouse on Monday, we ship out next day. everyday we ship LCL cargo to West Malaysia except Sunday

LCL shipping DDU/DDP elapsed time

LCL cargo shipping to West Malaysia by DDU/DDP door service, normally need 15 days.

Cargo ready to ship Loading container Export Customs declaration Sea shipping Arrival notice & Customs clearance Malaysia PSA haulage Devanning Delivery Total elapsed time
making goods ready to ship 1 days 1 days 7 days 2 days 4 days 15 days
Ideally the duration of total shipping time is about 15 days

What packaging is good for LCL shipping

Packaging is a key factor for a shipment safely and perfectly delivery from shipper address to consignee's hand in West Malaysia. the LCL cargo must stack up in a container, DJcargo workers and warehouse bearers always pay attention on each shipment definitely, they know how to loading and unloading the container, heavy cargo beneath lighter one in a container, rewrap damaged carton during loading, but all we doing these is not enough, the best way to ensure cargo unbroken is to ask shipper making good packaging for goods.

Use at least 5 layer carton to pack the goods, some heavy goods can not packed by carton


Palletized cargo is more safe during transshipping, use wrap shrink to pack the pallet, and use belt to strengthen it


Some soft cargo like clothes, underclothes, soft toys and other fabric products use this kind of packaging is acceptable

weave bag packaging

Some fragile cargo use carton to do internal packaging and use wooden crate to strengthen its external


Some heavy and fragile cargo use wooden case to strengthen its packaging is good option, the case should has feet for forklift

Plywood case

LCL shipping to West Malaysia price

Cargo type Price Delivery district
Common cargo 650 RMB / CBM Far way district (Kelantan, Kedah, Perlis, Terengganu, Pahang)
Sensitive cargo 680 RMB / CBM
Above price is only for reference as the sea freight always keep floating up and down, check real price with CS representative before assign shipment to DJcargo handling

Air cargo & Courier express

Devoted Courier express price to West Malaysia - deliver to door

Cargo type 1 - 10 KG 11 - 50 KG 100 KG above 500 KG above elapsed time Remark
1st 1 KG since 2nd 1 KG
common cargo 80 rmb 30 rmb per kg 31 rmb per kg 30 rmb per kg 29 rmb per kg about 5 days KL, RH, IP
sensitive cargo 85 rmb 35 rmb per kg 38 rmb per kg 35 rmb per kg 33 rmb per kg
Above devoted courier express price is only for reference, it always keep floating up and down, the real cost is up to cargo actual shipping date, many customers are suggested to use this type of service

How to pay freight cost

We normally charge freight after all local work done, then we will issue invoice to collect freight cost.

Can pay RM to our Malaysia bank account

Can TT to China bank account

Can pay through Wechat

Can pay through Alipay

Can pay through Taobao